Places to Visit in Indonesia

Believe it or not, the diverse country of Indonesia comprises of as many as 170000 islands! Although you could be sure of finding everything you have ever fancied about a beach destination, exploring all of it is not a possibility. As a smart traveler you need to be aware of some of the top destinations to explore. Just like Myanmar travel, there would be a multitude of exciting locales to choose from. We look at the top choices to explore.


If you are looking for a true confluence of old and new, a blend of the contemporary and the tradition, Yogyakarta is the destination to head to. Be it shopping, ancient attractions or the exquisite food, it is all on offer here. Simple soak in the culture, visit street vendors, enjoy puppet shows, pick up artifacts silversmiths and spend time on interesting street arts. Do not miss the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur. Experience a blend of both Budhdhist and Hindu cultures.

Dieng Plateau

This unique destination is a caldera complex that was formed due to the eruption of the Prau Mountain. Being at 2000 meters above sea level, the location makes it one of the coolest regions in the country, as compared to the humid lowland conditions. You can visit the enigmatic multicolored lake, the hot-springs and explore the ancient temples around the area. The scenic beauty comprising of rolling hills and aesthetic plantations is a treat to the eye.

Thousand Islands

A 90 minute ride on a speedboat from the Ancol marina will bring you to the beautiful Tiger Island or Pulau Macan. You can enjoy simply breathtaking views, sparkling white sands, clear waters and mindboggling snorkeling spots in a completely well preserved set up. There is a resort on the island which ensures a comfortable stay. The resort also motivates tourists who are engaged in conservation activities by planting mangroves and corals. It is truly a model for an eco resort.

Lake Toba

 Lake Toba is one of the most frequented lakes in Indonesia. It is in fact the largest volcanic lake in the world you can enjoy a hearty swim in these waters after your hectic travel and indulge in an extended Balinese massage after that. Follow it up with a great meal for ending your day. It is a famous destination for relaxing and unwinding and also for complete rest after hard core trekking and backpacking.


Lombok is a quieter version of Balo and is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations of Indonesia. If you are looking to catch some quiet moments away from the maddening crowds amidst green mountains and crystal clear blue waters, this is the place to be. You can also visit the Gili Islands which lie nearby. Gunung Rinjani, which is a familiar trekking spot, is also quite popular.

Apart from these intriguing spots, your travel agency will of course suggest the most popular cities like Bali and Jakarta. Mix up your itinerary to create interesting combinations and ample variety in your travel plan.