Your Budget Shopping Lifestyle Guide in Singapore: Top 5 Best Shopping Paradise in Singapore

Shopping Paradise in Singapore.jpg

Singapore has a Western civilization style while maintaining the Asian values. No wonder that the “city of lion” is one of the most interesting countries in Asia.

Isn’t it funny that the tiny dot country in our world map has the most shopping malls and shopping centres? Of course, most people love to find the cheapest deals when it comes to shopping.

Singapore is a paradise for millions of shoppers in the world who have been visiting the country and the residents as well.

So, where are the best places to shop in Singapore?

#1 Mustafa Centre

At Mustafa Centre, you can find all kinds of products in cheapest prices. You can save a lot when you buy in large quantities. (If you’re a business savvy person, you found the best place for wholesale stocks.)

You can buy almost anything from goods, jewelries, watches, gold and silver, electronics, shoes, cosmetics, fashion, household items, and many other products.

You can shop here anytime. Yes, you read it right! Mustafa Centre is a 24-hour shopping centre in Singapore!

#2 Bugis Street

Bugis Street Singapore.jpg

Hey Fashionista! Bugis Street should be on your top priority list when shopping for your next outfits!

Bugis Street has 600 shops with the latest and trendiest things that you can buy and perfect for your #OOTD.

Bugis Street has a wallet-friendly shopping fee, you can get S$10 for a casual wear and you can get watches and accessories for as low as S$5.

Bugis Street is the largest and exciting place in Singapore and you shouldn’t miss to shop here!